The Lifecycle Of Fashion And Why You Should Never Throw Out Your Clothing

There are moments when we decide that we no longer want to keep a particular fashion piece and decide to donate or throw it in the trash. This should no be the case, it is important to get the most out of our clothing weather it was expensive or a low price. Many people forget that fashion is heavily driven by trends and fads, meaning that there is a current moment where your clothing will be hot and then eventually become not so cool.

If you know this, then why would you throw out your clothing right after a trend dies out? There are plenty of examples of old fashion trend coming back into the fashion world and being as popular as ever. Shoe style is a big example of this.

Patience Is Key

Think about this for one moment. There is no rule that says that you should throw out your favourite denim jeans because they are slightly distressed over the years. Especially knowing that manufacturers purposely scratch, rip, and generally damage new jeans to have that all so popular distressed look.

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Instead a better option would be to give your jeans a break and put it away until the following year. This would give you more space to try out different types of outfits without your favourite jeans, which can be a bit scary and exciting as well.

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Repurpose Your Old Clothes

Forget about throwing out that old blazer with the shoulder pads. This is fashion we are talking about and repurposing clothes is as synonymous as cheese and crackers. Popularized in the mid 1980s, the blazer with defined shoulder pads was a symbol of empowerment amongst women in the workplace. 

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Fast forward to current times and this style has fallen out of favour in the office with many women deciding to wear a more streamlined blazer that is both chic and professional. Now let us repurpose this blazer.

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Why not wear this blazer as part of a casual fall or early spring outfit. You can easily wear a sweater such as a turtleneck underneath for warmth which means that outerwear is not needed in this outfit. 

Don’t Always Follow Trends

While following fashion trends can be exciting, it is not always a good idea to solely base your clothing decisions on current trends. The are pieces called legacy fashion items, meaning that these items are generally considered by the fashion industry as being timeless. Think slim denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and black ankle boots

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This should be good news to many people, considering that denim jeans are one of the first items to get tossed in the trash. Hold on to these items because they are timeless, especially if they are made by a well known brand. Remember, fashion trends come and go.

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Donate Instead Of Selling

If you are just done with an article of clothing and just want to get ride of it, make a good gesture and pass it on to someone else for free. Yes, free! This is one of the best ways how someone less fortunate can experience the feeling of wearing your old clothes that maybe they had dreams of owning one day.

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Young adults have an interest in fashion but many do not have the funds to purchase their next piece. Maybe your old clothing may be what they wee looking for. This is also a great opportunity to expand fashion in a generous way.

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