The Must Have Pants That Men Need To Own In The Winter Months That Are Both Practical And Stylish

There is no such thing as too stylish but there is such a concept as being overdressed. The funny thing is that while some people may believe that these two statements are bot the same, in reality they are not. You see, when it comes to pants in the winter moths you would be mistaken to just follow what you have been wearing in the warmer months of the year. Winter is the best time of the year to see how your fashion sense holds up when you need to pair them with sometimes bulky and stylish outerwear.

In this article we will be discussing the best type of pants that men should wear in the winter moths. This is not going to be a popularity contest and definitely not about overdressing. Because, we want to ultimately look stylish without looking overdressed. So, let’s take a look.


Typically not amongst the go to bottoms for many men, these pants are great to wear in the winter months due to style and comfortability. These are the main two characteristics that will define this list. With joggers, a slim and tapered fit can usually be found amongst the major retailers and can go well with black running shoes. Opt to style your outfit around the colour of your joggers, meaning that while wearing light colour joggers such as light grey,  your top should be a darker colour.

Sport Joggers H&M

Corduroy Pants

These uniquely made pants are mainly made of spun wool, which results in the distinct look. Wear these pants as part of a dressed up casual outfit, which can be paired with a blazer and a turtleneck. Your corduroy pants colour should range from light brown to dark brown for the winter season.

Corduroy Pants H&M

Wool Pants

Perfect to wear to the office as part of a dress shirt and tie outfit. Pair these pants with the addition of a dark blazer or a light colour cardigan layered over a dress shirt. Footwear with wool pants should be stylish and comfortable, so Chelsea boots or derby shoes are recommended.

Wool Suit Pants H&M

Cargo Pants

Who doesn’t like the practicality of cargo pants? With its many packets and rugged feel, cargo pants will pair well with the addition of black leather combat boots and a black hooded parka. For your upper body, a simple cotton crew neck sweater or hoodie is all you need to complete your casual outfit.

Cargo Pants H&M


More than just comfortable pants, chinos can be work in a dressed up or dressed down casual outfit. The versatility of chinos can be easily seen when you decide what to wear with it. While your choice are going to be seemingly endless, opt to wear  stylish sweater such as a turtleneck or cardigan. Footwear should be Chelsea boots.

Chinos H&M

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