How Men Create A Suitable Outfit For Any Type Of Office In The Spring Months For A Stylish Look

The classic two-two-pieces suit with a tie was standard attire for many men who worked in an office environment. But that was before tech companies such as Google and Facebook popularized the laid back workplace culture. These big tech companies are well know for a laid back dress code and other corporations have follow this policy.

Many workplaces took note of the type of talent those technology companies were hiring. New graduates, tech savvy, and a tendency to not follow are formal structure of the workplace but to have an open slate to be more creative. This has lead many workplaces to change their policy on clothing to try and adapt to a changing workforce, which have mainly ditched the classic two piece suit.

So what are the alternatives to make sure you look your best while still emitting a professional appearance? In this article we will share some outfit ideas plus some tips to remember when deciding what to wear in the office. Let’s take a look at some clothing combinations for stylish office wear.

Business Casual Office

You can ditch the dress shirt and instead wear a solid light long sleeve stir or a t-shirt under a solid colour blazer. A dark coloured chino pants would do well too. For shoes, try to wear a crisp solid colour such as all black or all white running shoes.

Cropped Chinos H&M

Creative Office

You can really let your creativity show in this type of environment. A pair of washed out jeans with a a graphic t-shirt would be great for the creative. Or you can easily wear a simple v-neck t-shirt for a stylish look. Be sure to balance out the look with dark dress shoes or something similar. Try to wear a one of a kind watch to tie in with your outfit.

Slim Jeans H&M

The Office Meeting

You need to show your leadership in this setting especially if you are presenting in font of your colleagues. This certainly does not meant to wear the whole suite and tie look. You can still keep a bit of casual style by ditching the blazer and just wearing a dress shirt and tie for the top. With dress pants and dress shoes for your bottom to complete your look. One tip to remember is that wearing a black blazer is recommended for any office meeting.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M

Working in an office environment can be rewarding and exhilarating, for many new graduates this has been their dream. But in order to boost creativity and gain positive results, one must be comfortable in what they are wearing. So follow this guide to increase your positive results and let your work speak for itself, just as your style.

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