The Only 3 Pieces That Women Should Wear With Their Leggings For A Chic Spring Outfit

There is something really comforting and inspiring when leggings are worn. Not only is this piece really comfortable and versatile, leggings can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your occasion. Take for example black leggings, there are a couple of stylish outfits that can be created with only the addition of a simple pair of white running shoes. You can wear either a plain shirt for a super casual outfit or you can opt to wear something more dressy such as a blazer.

You see, there are many outfits that leggings can be incorporated into. n this article we will be discussing 3 specific spring pieces that can be paired with leggings to create a stylish chic outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when wearing leggings, ok, let’s take a look.

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Trench Coat

While in the winter months, it is typical to see many women wearing exclusively black leggings, which looks great with cold weather pieces. But when it comes to the much warmer spring months, leggings can be whatever colour you like, with outerwear being a trench coat. Wearing a trench coat paired with leggings in the spring is a great look, especially if you tend to love dressing with the least amount of pieces.

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Grey, black, and white leggings can be worn with a trench coat in the spring easily, which will be really chic when you tie the belt on the trench coat.


No wonder having a blazer is so important no matter what time of the year it is. While you may usually only wear a blazer to work or to a meeting, there are a variety of different spring outfits that can be created with this piece. For example, you can easily wear a white blazer layered on top of a short sleeve shirt and paired with grey leggings

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For a stylish office outfit, wear black leggings paired with a black blazer with a white blouse underneath. Use your creativity when deciding what colour blazer is best for your outfit.


Now, it can be really easy to not wear pumps all spring season if you could. But, we want to embrace this stylish footwear, which can be worn with any dark colour leggings. When wearing pumps with your leggings be sure to wear a colour that does not take away from the rest of your outfit, because a statement piece with leggings should be on your upper body.

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Stick with mainly black pumps with your leggings for a versatile colour. While it is a good idea to wear suede pumps, be careful not to wear this footwear if the weather gets wet.


  • Make sure that your trench coat has a belt as this will create a more chic look
  • Have a couple of blazers in your spring wardrobe
  • Stick with black or beige pumps
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