The Only 3 Types Of Footwear Women Should Wear With Black Leggings

As the title says, yes there are actually only three types of footwear that are acceptable to wear with black leggings and we will explain why. But first, let’s go to the very core of why wearing leggings is more than just for comfortability and is often seen as an integral piece in an outfit. Leggings can be described as one of the most overrated and underrated pants at the same time, because of its often appearances amongst women with varying fashion tastes. 

While for the fashion forward person, wearing leggings is possibly the best pants to wear, with denim jeans coming in a close second. You can wear leggings practically year long and of course we all know how popular wearing black leggings with anything is very common. But what about when it comes to footwear? 

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This is why we have created this article, which will serve as a definite answer to the long debate about what the best type of shoes to wear with black leggings are. Ok, let’s take a look.

Ankle Boots

Specifically black ankle boots, which are an extremely popular footwear to wear in the fall and winter months. You want to wear a simple black leather boots that is stylish and modern. When deciding to wear this type of footwear in your outfit, try and wear a top that is suitable such as a blouse, a cashmere sweater, or a button-down shirt.

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Running Shoes

Your best bet when deciding on the type of footwear to wear with black leggings will be to wear running shoes. Yes, just stay away from funky colours and keep your shoes stylish. Colours such as all black, an all white, or a combination of two similar colours will be the best for your running shoes. Wear a more casual top with your running shoes and black leggings, which can be a t-shirt to a hoodie.

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Because we are talking about wearing black leggings we had to include heels as a recommended footwear. There can be some debate about this choice, but the fact is that only black leggings, and not any other type of leggings, will look great with heels. Choose your heel colour depending on your outfit and what look you are going for. 

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