The Only 3 Types Of Jeans That Women Need For Their Fall Fashion

Wearing jeans can be comfortable or extremely annoying depending on the type of style and fit. Special attention needs to be be paid to selecting the most stylish and comfortable type of jeans for your body type, with an emphasis on comfortability and durability. Meaning that simply following what is hot in jeans at the moment might not be your best choice.

There are three types of jeans that are both stylish and comfortable for just about any body type and are great to wear in the fall season. Loose jeans, skinny jeans, and high waist jeans are just about all you need in terms of jeans for the fall. In this article we will discuss the top 3 types that will fit most women’s need in their fall fashion. Let’s take look at some ways how to wear them.

Loose Jeans

Wearing loose jeans can be extremely comfortable and great for any casual look. A washed out pair or loose jeans can be paired with your favourite hoodie sweater to create an extremely comfortable casual outfit. Wear your favourite running shoes as footwear and carry a medium size handbag. Also an unzipped windbreaker will go great as an outerwear.

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Skinny Jeans

Every woman knows the versatility of skinny jeans. This should be your go to jeans for just about any occasion, as the skinny jean is extremely versatile. A great casual outfit can consist of black skinny jeans paired with black ankle boots. A light colour sweater can be worn to complete the look and accessories should be medium sized.

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High Waist Jeans

This classic denim style will always be fashionable for years to come. Fall is a great season to bring these jeans out as you can create great outfits paired with different coats and jackets. A tucked in shirt will always look better in a high waist jeans than untucked as this type of jeans will make your legs appear to be longer. Black or brown leather ankle boots will be your preferred footwear. Accessories should be kept to a minimal when wearing high waist jeans to keep the attention on your outfit instead.

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  • Wear mom high ankle jeans in a casual fall weekend outfit
  • Black ankle boots are the most versatile footwear for the fall season
  • Skinny regular denim jeans can be your go to piece year round

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