The Only 3 Ways How Men Can Dress For A Winter Business Conference Without Wearing A Suit

Yes, disregard the many people who say that you can wear whatever you like to a business conference as long as you have a dress shirt on. This is one of many such statements that can be heard amongst many first time business conference attended. There is only three ways how men can dress fo a business conference, and in this article we will show you how.

Ok, so we got that  cleared up and by the way, no, you do not have to wear a three piece suit to a business conference, unless you want to look outdated and unfashionable. Let’s take a look at this list now.

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One obvious type of pants to wear is dress pants. Dark colours work great, especially in the winter months. You want your dress pants to fit well and look stylish, so slim fitting dress pants will be good to wear. Wear your dress pants with footwear such as Chelsea boots, derby shoes, and dress shoes.

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On the other hand, you can absolutely wear chinos, which is highly recommended to wear instead of dress pants for a variety of reasons. For one, wearing kaki colour chinos will definitely set your outfit apart from the veteran business conference goers, who are usually stuck in the belief that if business is in the title of an event, then they should always wear formal wear. No creativity at all!

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You can wear your chinos in black or a light colour such as kaki with footwear such as derby shoes and Chelsea boots.

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What exactly is the type of business conference you will be attending? That is the question that needs to be answered first to help guide your shirt selection. If you will be attending a business conference that is mainly in a creative industry, you can get away with just wearing a stylish turtleneck or flannel shirt.

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If on the other hand you will be attending a business conference that is in a very formal, professional type of industry such as in the sciences, then a dress shirt is required. Make sure that your shirt correlates to you overall outfit and does not stand out like a sore spot.


Regardless of popular belief, wearing a blazer to a business conference is not mandatory, unless specified in the invitation. You need to consider if it is a good idea to wear a blazer if the environment does not ask for it. Meaning that if you are in a casual, laid back business conference, there is no point on wearing a blazer. Sometimes a simple tucked in white dress shirt and black chinos is all that you need to wear.

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  • Wearing a cardigan can give your outfit a creative edge over your peers
  • You do not have to wear a tie if you are considering to wear a blazer
  • Wear a plain turtleneck for a stylish look
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