The Only Handbag Maintenance Guide That You Need To Read

Ok, so we all know how important the handbag is to many women. Everyone has their daily, going out, and then the whatever handbags. This is all good news as this means that having more than one handbag is embraced and so it should be. Who wants to be seen day in and day out carrying the same handbag?

While women tend to have their favourite handbags picked out and ready fort they selected outfits, there is not that much information on how to properly maintain and care for it. In this guide we will list what is needed in order to have an immaculate handbag that lasts for years to come. Let’s take a look.

Proper Storage

You only can carry one handbag at once and that means that your other handbags are left at home. But how do you exactly go about storing them properly? First of all, it is recommended to never leave your stored handbag uncovered as this will attract dust and lint. Instead use the pillow case like pouch that comes with many purchased handbags in hang tin your closet with the handbag inside closed. 

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A pillowcase is also a good alternative to the handbag pouch. Make sure to stuff your handbag with material to keep its shape such as tissue paper or an old shirt.

Change Your Handbag Frequently

This is the one of the best advice that can be given. Common sense says that when you switch out handbags from time to time they tend to last longer due to less wear and tear. Also it is a good idea to switch which shoulder you carry it on as to not get sore shoulders.

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Fully Close Your Handbag

This is the main reason why they come with either zippers or buttons to close the handbag. Added stress will occur on the handbag when zippers or buttons are not used to properly close the bag. Do not leave items hanging off the side of the handbag. Over time this will lead to straps that become loose and an unsteady handbag.

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Keep Your Handbag Off The Floor

At no time should your handbag ever touch the floor. In many cultures this is seen as a sign that you will be poor, because you do not value your ‘bag that holds money’ (handbag). Also more importantly there are many harmful germs on the floor which can cause you unnecessary problems if the bottom of the handbag came into contact with your skin.

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Limit Cleaning With Products

Using a handbag cleaner is a good idea as this is specifically created for the cleaning of handbags. But overuse of chemicals can deteriorate the handbag material leading to fading and discolouration. Instead opt to use just water on a cloth to clean your handbag.

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  • Place old papers in your handbag when not in use to maintain its shape
  • Avoid carrying liquids in your handbag
  • A neutral colour handbag will go well with almost any outfit

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