The 3 Types Of Handbags That Women Only Need For The Summer

Forget about the typical black leather handbag seen all around town this summer and instead opt to showcase your creativity and personal style. Now, one thing that women have to remember when it comes to handbags, is that generally a medium to large handbag is only suitable for the winter and fall season. In the warmer months of the year, there should be limits to haw big you want your handbag to be, which is more about practicality anyways. Just the bare essentials are needed inside your summer handbag!

Once your creativity begins to flow, your summer outfits will be greatly enhanced by including your handbag into the overall outfit decision. In this article we will discuss some of the different types of handbags and the types of summer outfits that can be created which will go best. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding what handbag to choose. Ok, let’s take a look.

Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter

Crossbody Bag

The cross body bag is one of the most popular for women through the summer months. Typically smaller then your old run of the mill handbag, the design means that this type of bag is meant to be worn across the body. Popular brands such as Gucci and H&M have many designs depending on your price point.

  • This bag goes great with any casual dress or denim shorts outfit
YSL Cross Body Bag Net-A-Porter

Fanny Pack

Ok so the fanny pack doesn’t sound too appealing to most, but the truth is many people haven’t given it a try. In order to successfully pull off this look, you need to figure out where they will be through the day. Someone who is attending an outdoor festival or a day at the park is well suited to wear a fanny pack fashionably. While on the other hand, a fanny pack is not a good accessory to bring on an evening date.

  • Opt for a darker colour fanny pack which is medium in size, which can be more suited to different outfits
Gucci Fanny Pack Net-A-Porter

Small Shoulder Bag

If any bag would be considered an everyday summer bag, a shoulder bag would be it. Small enough to not annoy you in the summer heat and practical for everyday use, this bag has been a favourite of many women during the summer. One tip to remember is to not pack your bag with irreverent stuff, as this will make the bag get out of shape, which is easily recognizable with a smaller bag.

  • This bag is suitable for almost any summer outfit
Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter

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