How Women Can Wear A Poncho In The Spring As Part Of A Stylish Casual And Office Outfit

The poncho was originally designed to keep a person warm in the cooler months and has been embraced the world over. We all know about those artistic wool ponchos that originate in the Andes region of South America, with their bright colours and intricate patterns, but there was another less known use for the poncho.

In this article we will be discussing a bit of history about the poncho and some of the best ways that you can incorporate this garment into an outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

Fine-Knit Wool Poncho H&M


Wearing a poncho to the office in the spring is a great choice to make. Not only will you be able to keep warm in the cooler mornings but also you can easily take it off hassle free when inside the workplace. Keep in mind that you should opt to wear a poncho that is a neutral colour as this will go well with just about anything. Choose colours such as black, grey, beige, and dark brown.

Alpaca Blend Poncho H&M


This current “third” phase of the poncho is of course high fashion. Designers today have taken elements of the first Andes Region poncho and military innovation, to create modern and stylish streetwear.  The poncho is mainstream now and is here to stay. 

Cashmere Poncho H&M

Spring Outfit Ideas

While men and women have traditionally worn a poncho for hundreds of years, the trend has now shifted to mostly being a part of women’s fashion. Some great spring outfits that can be created should feature either a light denim jeans or a long dress. When it comes to footwear you can stick to light colour shoes such as pumps, running shoes, and loafers.

Knit Poncho H&M

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