The Practicality And Style Of Wearing Cargo Pants: The Best Ways How Women & Men Can wear Cargo Pants In The Spring

So many people dislike wearing cargo pants for their own personal reasons, but for many, the main complaint is that the pants are too bulky. That was before, now the modern cargo pants are very fashionable coming in slim fit styles for men at skinny fit for women. That is why this piece should be included in a stylish spring outfit.

The only real style that many people know is that of the baggy cargo pants fit with either a t-shirt or sweater. Men would tend to wear cargo pants to pull off a rugged look and women would wear cargo pants to have a more assertive appearance. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways how women and men can wear cargo pants in the spring months. Also, we will share some styling tips to remember in order to pull wear cargo pants effortlessly. Ok, let’s look at modern ways on how to wear your cargo pants to enhance your style and comfortability.


First of all, cargo pants should be worn as part of a casual outfit and a casual outfit only. Although many styles of cargo pants can seemingly go with a blouse, the numerous pockets will ultimately keep this garment in the casual category. A great outfit would be to wear a forest green slim fitting cargo pants paired with a black halter top and Nike all black running shoes. This look can be suitable for a summer evening walk or during an outdoor festival.

Ankle Length Cargo Pants H&M

A beige loose fitting cargo pants can be worn with a white shirt. With this type of cargo pants, you can wear wedge or lace sandals. This is more of a Mediterranean summer look, which would be suitable on a hot summer day.


Men who wear cargo pants on a daily basis for work purposes already know how practical the numerous pockets can be. This is what ultimately leads many men to wear cargo pants outside of a workplace setting, which can easily turn into a statement piece. Before men would exclusively wear cargo pants during outdoor trips such as hiking or fishing, but because of the look of the modern pants, men are beginning to embrace different cargo pants styles.

Cotton Cargo Pants H&M

A cargo pants outfit for casual wear would be slim fitting, with a solid colour running shoes and a polo shirt. This look can be extremely versatile, especially if you will be heading out to a casual bar in the night.


  • A dark coloured shirt shouldn’t be worn with dark coloured cargo pants 
  • Women can also wear loose fitting cargo pants. Pair with sleek shoes
  • Keep accessories to a minimum
  • Men can easily wear dark colour cargo pants with loafers
  • Dark green is the most popular colour for cargo pants amongst women and men

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