How Men Can Master The Preppy Style In The Spring And Look Stylish

Popularized in the 1980s, this fashion trend is staying strong. Preppy fashion originates from the expensive Ivy League universities in the United States. Many preppy styles have pieces from sports such as polo, hunting, fencing, and rugby. While the many men might seem like a preppy outfit is easy to pull off, there is actually more work involved in the preparation than you think.

Mainly associated with wealthier individuals, this style is very mainstream and reveals a sense of class and individualism. Below we will talk about some of the main looks the preppy style entails. Also, we will share some tips to remember when creating a preppy look.

Man with rugby shirt

The Rugby Shirt

This is a long sleeve shirt that is the top uniform of rugby players. This shirt can come with either horizontal stripes or as a solid colour. The team patch is around the chest area. Also this shirt comes with a collar.

Rugby Shirt H&M

The Oxford Shirt

Similar to a regular cotton dress shirt, the oxford material is much more versatile. This shirt is made from yarn that feel much more rougher than regular soft cloth cotton dress shirts. This shirt can be worn either plain by itself or with a jumper over it.

Oxford Shirt H&M


Another popular look of The Preppy Man is the classic corduroy pants. This unique material is made out of fustian fabric, distinct for its “corded” look and feel. Colours often carried on the wearers taste from the popular brown to brighter colours such as teal.

Corduroy Pants H&M


When was the last time you even heard the word suspenders. This fashion piece was once all the rage in the 1980s, especially for The Preppy Man. Worn with corduroy pants and Hush Puppy shoes, this look had preppy written all over it. 

Patterned Suspenders H&M

Some notable mentions include the turtleneck shirt which is a type of shirt, typically long sleeved, at which the part similar to a poo collar sits close to the neck. Last but not least is the seersucker also known as the stripped linen suit. This light cotton suit is typically slim fit with grey stripe and white stripes.

Let us know what you wear to complete The Preppy Man look. Feel free to leave a comment.


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