Men Need To Know The Right And Wrong Way To Wear A Sports Jersey

So you decided to wear a sports jersey today, mainly because your favourite team is playing. Some immediate questions come to mind on how you should wear it. Maybe with a matching pants? Maybe wearing basketball shorts? Even though the jersey doesn’t even belong to the sport of basketball? Or maybe, for a women, wear an oversized jersey and turn it into a dress? Really?

There are right and wrong ways to wear a jersey outside while not playing a sport. Understandably the type of fit will differ from men to women. In this article we will discuss the optimal choices to choose to compliment your jersey fashion. Let’s take. Look.

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First of all don’t be that guy! There is no point in showing up to your friend’s house to watch the big game, and you are wearing the tightest jersey around. This is not the team spirit that is needed to show your support. Instead opt for a jersey that actually fits you comfortably. The home or away jersey is completely up to you.

Basketbal Jerseys

You can really only get away with wearing this sport’s jersey in the summer. The sleeveless attire is great to wear with shorts and a track pants. Jeans are not that great to wear with a basketball jersey, as these type of jerseys tend to be long and can look really weird with denim.

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Football (Soccer) Jerseys

Ok so with this one, it is actually optimal to pair these with denim jeans. This jersey is usually more fitted, which can come in both short sleeve and long sleeve. We recommend to wear the short sleeve version, because the long sleeve tends to rue too fitted on the arms. Unless that’s the look you are going for.

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American Football Jerseys

These jerseys are usually larger than you are used to, no matter what your size is. Because of this, we recommend to wear these jersey’s only with track pants. This combination of pieces will give you a natural sideline look. Which can give you an extra boost of team support.

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Hockey Jerseys

The hockey jersey is by far the most difficult jersey to dress with. One one hand the numbers on the shoulder area make the shoulders a bit too bulky. Also the team logo in the middle can make the jersey feel as if it’s rubbing at an award angle against your body, decreasing the comfortability of the garment.

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Baseball Jerseys

Apart from the huge logo, baseball jerseys really can open up your summer fashion. The main thing to remember is that you should never wear a hoodie under it. This look is cannot be paired with any suitable pants. Instead for a stylish look, leave the jersey unbuttoned and wear a plain type of t-shirt under.

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Rugby Jerseys

This type of jersey is actually the best for denim jeans. Usually consisting of a white collar, the retro jerseys resemble a polo shirt. You can also dress in a preppy look if you please, as retro rugby jerseys are well known for that look.


Generally the only footwear that should be worn with any type of jersey should be running shoes. There is an exception with sandals, especially if you are wearing shorts with your jersey. Anything else will not look good at all and hinder your sport look. Leaving others to wonder if you wore the jersey to really support your team of did you do it to fit in.

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