The Right And Wrong Way To Wear Army Fatigue AKA Camo Fashion. For Men & Women

After the deadly world war two ended, many people around the world wanted nothing to do with the army. The distinctive pattern was looked upon with scorn, which for many was a reminder of the many atrocities committed in the war. Fast forward to the early 1990s, and army fatigues, more specifically the shirts and jackets were extremely popular amongst many men in their early twenties. 

Hip hop culture definitely helped propel the style and visibility of ordinary people creating great outfits with what was traditionally clothes meant for war. Military surplus stores have definitely been a lot busier due to the rising popularity of that distinctive army pattern. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporated an army fatigue garment into your style.


Let’s be clear with one thing, any type of army fatigue garment should only be worn for a casual setting. The last thing you want to do is show up to a formal setting with that distinctive pattern on your shirt or pants. Speaking of pants. An army patterned pants can be worn in many casual situations. Keep it simple for the shirt and for footwear opt for an all white or black running shoes.


There’s a couple of options when it comes to your user body. First you can opt for a button-down long sleeve shirt. This can pair well with slim black or distressed denim jeans. Also, to keep the focus on your shirt, wear a simple solid colour shoes such as all black or white running shoes. 

Camouflage T-Shirt H&M


Since there are many different type of army fatigue patterns, you should be careful to choose which one can compliment your outfit. This is especially true for a jackets such as a spring canvass army fatigue jacket which has dark green and light green undertones. For this example, a beige pair of chinos and a solid black t-shirt or long sleeve underneath will fit well. Just remember to keep the attention on the army fatigue pattern by wearing a simple shirt and footwear.

Anorak Windbreaker H&M


It took a while for women’s fashion to embrace the army fatigue style. Many fashion brands believed women would not embrace an item associated with combat. But they were wrong! Army fatigue jackets are extremely popular amongst women. Leading to many major brands producing different patterns to suite different styles.


Ok, it is well known that wearing army fatigue leggings is a hard look to pull off and because of this common knowledge, many women will not even attempt to wear one. Instead, the army fatigue patterned shorts or cargo pants are seen as a good choice, which is worn on casual occasions year round .

Camouflage Shorts H&M


As we said before, the jacket has become the most popular army fatigue item amongst women. A popular style is to wear this jacket with distressed jeans and high heels. Many manufacturers are also making army fatigue jackets in a shorter length to accommodate different body types.

Camouflage Faux Shearling Jacket H&M

Army fatigues are not only for combat but can be an integral part of your style. Please leave a comment and subscribe for our newsletter and special promotions.


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