The Right And Wrong Ways To Wear Ankle Jewelry

This summer is shaping up to be and ankle jewelry paradise. With a lot of buzz going around in this love hate fashion statement, we thought that it would be good to create a guide to steer our readers in  the right direction in terms of how exactly one should wear this. Many people believe that ankle jewelry should only be worn at the beach on a vacation. This far from the truth!

You see, instead of putting on any old jeweller on your ankles, it is best to first prioritize your outfit choice, then choose your jewellery accordingly. This will result in achieving the best overall look possible, which will undoubtedly boost your style. Let’s take a look at different types on ankle jewelry and the best ways to wear them.


Depending on personal preference, this anklet is the most versatile in terms of its appearance. Suitable from dress outfits to a simple denim shorts and t-shirt. Gold should be your preferred colour if you want all the benefits plus an added chic look to any outfit.


So when exactly can shell anklets be worn? Of course at the beach or at an outdoor festival. Also, this type of anklet is suitable for teenagers who can get embrace their creativity in style.


Wearing a pearl anklet is a tricky task. Wearing a dress with this jewelry is a no go. Instead opt for a slightly dressed up casual look such as denim shorts paired with a light colour blouse. Flat white sandals should be worn as footwear.


Usually made of colourful strings woven together. This the of anklet is extremely popular with teenagers and women under 25 years old. Wear this anklet at festivals or during outdoor activities for a colourful accessory that will compliment you outfit.

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