The Right Type Of Dress Pants That Men Should Wear To The Office In The Spring Months

There is something to be said about wearing dress pants in the spring. Not only is there no need to wear exclusively dark colours, but also there is not any need to wear boots either. You see, this tie of the year can be somewhat difficult when it comes to dressing for the office mainly because there are no defined colours that are exclusively appropriate for the season.

In this article we will be discussing the right types of dress pants that men can wear in the spring months also, we will share some outfit ideas that you can use to guide you along the way. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Dress Pants Fit

The perfect pants fit can be difficult to find, especially if you are rather tall or very short. There can be a bit of debate as to what the best type of fit that dress pants should be, but a more European fit has become popular in North America and around the world as of late. This fit has the dress pants stop mid way from the bottom of the shoes to the top, resting just below the ankle. Also, a stylish tapered fit can be seen in with these type of dress pants. 

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Grey Dress Pants

There are a variety of stylish outfits that can be created with grey dress pants, whether it be with a blazer or without. Keep in mind that we do not want to copy a typical winter office look, so some light colours will be utilized in this outfit. Opt to wear a light blue dress shirt with a black tie for a modern look. Your footwear should be black derby shoes. 

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Navy Blue Dress Pants

Not only can you still wear a dark colour dress pants in the spring and look stylish, you should actually embrace dark colours, except black. We do not want to include black in our spring office wear mainly because the winter season featured black in almost every outfit. Shirt colours that will go well with navy blue dress pants include white, grey, beige, and green.

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Dark Green Dress Pants

There is something really cool when you decide to wear a rare colour in your office outfit. Many coworkers will take a second look at wonder how you have the confidence to pull it off. Maybe because your overall outfit just goes great? Whatever it is, one thing for sure is that you are seen as creative.

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Use this sentiment to your advantage when it comes to your future office outfits. Wear dark green dress pants with either a white or beige dress shirt. Wearing a blazer is optional and footwear should be brown derby shoes.

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