The Right Way How Men Should Wear Mod Fashion In The Spring Season

What exactly is Mod fashion? Well, consider Mod fashion to be a combination of different styles from the 1950s bundled into one new genre. To dive deeper, we will take a look at the main characteristics of Mod fashion to understand its core look. First off, take the clean classic suit cut of Italian fashion, combined with a bit of classical jazz musician outfits, and the finally topped off with an Ivey League university student outfit. These three elements were all combine to create the Mod look, which was made popular in the 1950s by some British bands, and eventually took over the entire UK fashion scene.

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways how men can wear modern Mod fashion today in the spring season. Also, we will share some tips that men use that will held in choosing the best pieces to wear. Ok, let’s take a look.

Skinny Fit Blazer H&M


Ever since the introduction of denim jeans consumers haven’t been able to get tired of wearing them and even today, wearing denim jeans is very common. But with Mod style, wearing denim jeans was rare and would certainly never be worn by a true Mod man. Instead, the pants to wear were either skinny cut suit pants which were tapered or a dark colour plaid trousers. Suit pants would normally be accompanied by a slim fit blazer while plaid trousers would be paired with a tucked in turtleneck or slim fit polo shirt.

Plaid Suit Pants H&M


As mentioned earlier, the most important shirts to wear with Mod fashion we always slim fit and featured stylish cuts. Take for example a white dress shirt paired with a slim fit black suit pants, the dress shirt wouldn’t be regular fit but would feature a modern cut to look almost like it was tailored. Same with the polo shirt and turtleneck, which men would wear in a slim fit to look more modern at the time. This was heavily influence by Italian tailoring. Stripes were also a feature of shirts in Mod fashion and would normally be vertical with bold white stripes.

Striped Polo Shirt H&M


Mod fashion is really not Mod fashion without including a blazer and we are almost exclusively talking about a black blazer. This blazer that was worn nearly 80% of the time in Mod fashion was always slim fit and tapered at the bottom, as to not cover the pants too much. Worn underneath the blazer was usually a turtleneck or a simple dress shirt.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M


With Mod fashion, there were only two types of shoes that would be seen. We are talking about wearing either desert boots or leather loafers. Desert boots were extremely popular in the 1950s and every man who was into fashion had a pair. On the other hand, leather loafers were the most widely worn type of footwear in Mod fashion and was inspired by affluent Ivy League student attire.

Leather Loafers H&M


  • Stick to colours such as black, brown, navy blue, white, and grey
  • Avoid wearing running shoes
  • Wearing cotton white socks with leather loafers is ok
Clarks Desert Boots H&M

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