The Right Ways How Men Should Wear Short Shorts In The Summer And Not Look Like A Douchebag

There will always be a past trend that will make its way back into the current fashion scene and be warmly embraced. This is exactly what has happened to the mens short shorts. Yes, that pair of shorts that is mid way from the knee to the hip and was all but left in the do not return pile ever since the end of the 1970s. But why exactly has this seemingly unpopular trend become so popular amongst men, especially millennials men in their early twenties recently? And also, how exactly can men pull off this style and look great, without looking like a deuchebag?

We will look into the varying degrees of wearing the short shorts in a summer outfit and also we  will share some tips that should be followed to avoid creating a disaster outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When wearing short shorts as part of a summer casual outfit there really is just a few rules that should be followed to create a stylish outfit. One of these rules is to not wear a shirt that is too long. Wearing a shirt that is well past your waist while wearing short shorts will look ridiculous and can potentially leave you open to ridicule. An ideal shirt length should stop just below your waist and not look formal at all. Wear tops such as sport shirts or sleeveless shirts

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Another rule that men should follow when wearing short shorts as part of a casual summer outfit should be that you should wear a light colour pair of short shorts instead of a dark colour. Wearing a light colour such as beige or white can be great and benefit for various types of shirts because of those two colours neutrality. 

Evening Outfit

Short shorts can easily be worn as part of a summer evening outfit when done correctly. We recommend to wear beige or navy blue chino shorts and pair then with brown leather loafers for a stylish look. Some of the best tops that men can wear with this outfit will feature a collar and can either be a light or dark colour.

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An example of a stylish evening short shorts outfit will be to wear a pair of beige chino shorts. Which will then be paired with brown leather loafers and feature a button down light blue Oxford shirt with no accessories.


The issue with socks has been an ongoing discussing amongst men who like to wear short shorts. If you talk to some men, they will say that only ankle length socks should be worn with short shorts, so that you entire legs can be shown off. While, when it comes to the athletic crowd, the majority of men tend to wear their short shorts with mid to high length cotton socks, usually in various patterns and colours.

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