The Top 3 Inexpensive Fashion Pieces That Women Can Wear In The Spring For A Stylish Outfit

There are not many pieces that can be found in the stores that are a decent price anymore. This was not always the case when basics such as graphic t-shirts and denim jeans were fairly inexpensive and abundant. Those days are virtually gone with many retail stores placing premium prices on even the most generic looking items. While you will eventually part ways with your money to stay up with the trend, there will always be a select few inexpensive pieces that can be worn in a stylish casual spring outfit.

In this article we will list the top 3 pieces that are both inexpensive and stylish, which can be added to any spring outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding to wear these pieces. Ok, let’s take a look.

Mom Jeans H&M

White T-Shirt

It really doesn’t matter if you want to wear denim jeans or leggings because a white t-shirt will always fit in any outfit. The plain nature of a white t-shirt is what makes this piece so versatile. For example a common basic late spring casual outfit that many women love to wear includes a pair of mom jeans with a tucked in white t-shirt and white running shoes. Because of the neutral white t-shirt, you have many options when it comes to creating your statement piece, which will definitely stand out.

Cotton T-Shirt H&M

The trick when wearing a white t-shirt is to have your footwear or handbag be your statement piece. So, opt for a completely different colour than your clothing if you want the attention on something else.

Black Jeans

Did you know that you can actually wear black jeans as part of a fashionable evening outfit? Well, yes you can and also part of a casual spring weekend outfit as well. You see, there are so many different ways how one can wear black jeans that we will just cover two examples. For a more stylish evening outfit, opt to wear skinny black jeans paired with a collared blouse or a tucked in turtleneck. Keep your shirt colour light such as a beige or cream colour. Footwear should be black pumps.

Vintage High Ankle Jeans H&M

For a more casual spring weekend outfit wear your slim fit black jeans with a light colour graphic t-shirt. You want to also keep your accessories to a minimum and carry a small handbag. Footwear should be white running shoes.

Navy Blue Blazer

We chose a navy blue blazer to be n this list for many reasons but mainly because the addition of wearing this blazer has a lot of benefits. First of all, let’s say that you decided to wear just a plain t-shirt and jeans out on the weekend. If unexpectedly you were to go out to a restaurant at the end of the day, your t-shirt outfit will not be appropriate. Instead, you can easily wear a navy blue blazer over your t-shirt and instantly create a chic outfit. 

Fitted Blazer H&M

Wear a navy blue blazer as part of a spring casual or business outfit. Complimenting footwear includes black loafers, white running shoes, and beige pumps.

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