The Top 3 Must Have Investment Fashion Pieces For Women And Men

There comes a time when more money than usual needs to be spent on fashion. While this is not required on a regular basis, there will certainly come a time when you need to consider quality, longevity, and timeless pieces when it comes to your fashion.

Must have investment pieces for women are certainly different from men’s own but not entirely. One this for sure that both women’s and men’s investment pieces should have in common is quality, which is one of the main factors regarding their high price. 

Let’s take a look at some of the must have investment fashion pieces for men and women.


Denim Jeans

Not only should you opt to have high quality denim jeans but it should also fit well. Levi’s jeans has a great selection of high quality denim jeans to fit any shape and size. Denim jeans will always be in style, this is also confirmed by their popularity ever since their introduction into the fashion world.

Levi’s Skinny jeans

Black Dress

This is an absolute must have for every woman on the planet. Not only does this dress come in handy in many of situations but the black dress is the standard in simple formal wear that can be styled with a variety of accessories.

Black Dress H&M

White Running Shoes

Don’t even think about not having a pair of crisp white running shoes. Nike is known for their unique designs and high quality footwear. You can pair your white running shoes with denim jeans, leggings, and even various types of shorts.

Nike Air Force 1


Dress Pants

Even if you do not work in an office environment, it is a wise idea to invest in a pair of high quality dress pants. A quick tip to remember is to make sure that you leave some space on the waist as this will come in handy if alterations are needed. The extra fabric can always be hemmed away.

Wool Dress Pants H&M

Denim Jeans

As with women, a great fitting pair of denim jeans can be worn in any casual outfit in any season of the year. Make sure that your jeans are not too loose or too tight, you want to feel comfortable and look stylish as well.

Levi’s Slim Jeans

Dress Shoes

Not only to wear with dress pants, dress shoes can be worn with denim jeans as well to create a style somewhere between semi formal and casual. A simple outfit would be denim jeans paired with a plain t-shirt under a black blazer. Black dress shoes will work great as footwear.

Dress Shoes H&M

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