The Top 3 Stylish Ways How Men Can Wear A Hoodie In The Winter

We all know how comfortable wearing a hoodie can be which we often associate with very casual attire. Which means that men tend to wear their hoodie either only at home or when they are heading outside to do something that doesn’t require them to “dress appropriately”. But what if you knew that there are even better ways how you can wear that hoodie, that is extremely stylish and will elevate your style? You definitely want to read this article to find out more.

Every man should have at least one hoodie in their winter wardrobe, which can be worn more often than you think. Let’s discuss the top 3 stylish ways how to wear a hoodie in the winter season.

With A Wool Coat

Many men know how to wear their coat with more formal attire such as a dress shirt and wool pants, but have difficulties deciding what to wear when it comes to a more casual outfit. Denim jeans should be worn with either a black or dark grey coat. While your footwear should be black leather boots, which will go great with your plain black hoodie.

Grey Wool Coat H&M

With A Bomber Jacket

Who hasn’t seen this style on the street? One of the most popular bomber jacket styles, is to pair a black bomber jacket with a light colour hoodie underneath. Your choice of pants can be either denim jeans, sport pants, or back jeans. While your footwear can be black running shoes.

Bomber Jacket H&M

With a Parka

When it comes to wearing a parka with a hoodie, you need to be careful. Make sure that your parka jacket doesn’t already include an attached hood, because it can become too bulky around the back of your head with the addition of a hoodie. instead, wear a parka without an attached hoodie and layer this over any colour hoodie you favour. A plain black hoodie would work best.

Parka H&M


  • Wear a hoodie that has a comfortable fit
  • Dark colours work best in the winter months
  • Wearing a scarf while wearing a hoodie is not recommended
Black Hoodie H&M

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