The Top 3 Summer Shoes For Men That Will Go With Any Casual Outfit

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take out that t-shirt or shorts that you’ve been saving throughout the previous year and rock stylish outfits. But what about your footwear? A lot of men tend to forget that just because the weather is hot doesn’t mean that only sandals or running shoes should be worn.

This is completely wrong, there are a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to summer footwear. In this article we will mention the top 3 that can be worn with just about any casual summer outfit. Let’s take a look.

White Running Shoes

These shoes are perfect to wear if you will be spending more than a couple of hours outside. Great for walking and standing for long periods of time, the running shoes can be styled well with denim, athletic pants, or shorts. Keep in mind that we specifically stated white running shoes, as this is the best option in versatility for summer running shoes.

Nike Air Force 1

Boat Shoes

Leather boat shoes are very comfortable and versatile in many different casual outfits. Opt for a darker colour such as navy blue or dark brown for these shoes. Boat shoes can be paired well with kaki colour chinos, denim jeans, and black jeans.

Boat Shoes Topman

Classic Black Vans

You really can’t go wrong by wearing black Van’s with a summer outfit. Dark wash jeans will pair well with these shoes. As will denim shorts paired with a graphic t-shirt. For a great casual summer evening look, pair your black Van’s with black jeans and a light colour button down shirt.

Classic Black Vans

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