The Top 3 Types Of Denim Mini Dresses To Wear With Stockings In Fall

Who doesn’t love to wear denim? Nobody, that’s who! We all tend to associate denim with pants and sometimes with a denim jacket. But what about a denim dress? This garment is very underrated in the fashion world and not much is information is out there to know how to properly style a denim dress. 

In this article we will be discussing the top 3 types of denim dresses to wear with stockings during the fall. Not all denim is made the same and therefore careful attention needs to be made during selecting the denim colour to achieve the desired outfit. Let’s take a look at some denim dresses and outfits that can be created for a stylish look.

Denim Mini Dress With A Jacket

To Wear a denim min dress in the fall requires that you are wearing the correct type of stockings to keep you warm. Keep in mind that wearing this type of dress should be only be limited to anyone who is actually inside most of the day, as wearing a mini dress in the fall can be tricky.

Denim Mini Dress Net-A-Porter

Pair your dark colour denim mini dress with black stockings and black ankle boots. This look can be complete with the addition of an unzipped bomber jacket on top. Keep your accessories small to achieve the perfect fall denim mini dress outfit.

Bomber Jacket H&M

Denim Mini Dress With A Sweater

You can wear crew neck sweater underneath your denim mini dress for a much warmer look. This will tie into any denim that is lighter in colour which is a great contrast for an outfit. Navy blue or black stockings should be worn to complete your outfit. 

Denim Mini Dress Net-A-Porter

Note: If wearing a light colour sweater underneath opt for a darker colour stockings and vis a versa in regard to wearing a dark colour sweater. Footwear can be either a black pair or running shoes or a pair of black ankle boots.

Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater Net-A-Porter

Printed Denim Mini Dress

Wearing this type of denim mini dress in the fall should only be reserved for special occasions or on a night out. This type of denim mini dress is not suitable for the workplace as the assortment of colours can be a source of problems from the higher up management. 

Printed Denim Mini Dress Net-A-Porter

To wear a printed mini dress correctly, you need to first choose your desired footwear. Strappy sandals work best but so can wearing a pair of black leather pumps. A very light colour stockings should be worn for a “no stocking” look. Your handbag should be medium size to complete this outfit.

Leather Pumps Net-A-Porter

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