The Top 3 Ways How Men Can Wear A Polo Shirt In The Fall

The polo shirt is a very versatile garment indeed, which can either come in a short sleeve or long sleeve style. Overlooked as only a warm weather garment, wearing a polo shirt can be great for both casual and dressed up outfits. The key to any polo shirt outfit is to choose the right colours and accompanying clothing to create the best outfit possible.

This brings us to the aspect of wearing a polo shirt as part of a fall outfit, which is practically unheard of amongst men’s style. Let’s take a look at the top 3 ways on how to wear this garment in the fall.

With A Blazer

Yes you heard that right, with a blazer. This garment combination is not really seen amongst men’s fall outfits and it should be. Dark colour blazer’s such as black and navy blue will naturally lead you to pick out a contrasting colour polo shirt. Try traditional fall colours such as creme and light grey.

Silk Polo Shirt H&M

Denim pants or black chinos can be worn. As for footwear, pick either a dark colour loafers or derby shoes.

Linen Blend Blazer H&M

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

If you did’t know, yes there are long sleeve polo shirts, it’s just difficult to find any in the stores because of decreased popularity. Some people would say that more awareness is needed to clothing that is not mainstream but that is another topic to talk about later. 

Wool Long Sleeve Polo Shirt H&M

Wear your long sleeve polo shirt with the appropriate pants for the type of style you are looking to achieve. Casual should be denim jeans, sweatpants, or chinos. While a more dressed up outfit should include either wool dress pants or chinos. 

Selvedge Jeans H&M

With A Cardigan

When was the last time you have seen this style, probably never. Creativity in fashion is what we like at coatFibers and this outfit combination is an example. Chinos will go great with this combination as well as a more dressed up footwear such as loafers. A dark colour cardigan and polo shirt should be worn.

Wool Cardigan H&M
Leather Loafers Topman

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