The Top 3 Ways How Men Can Wear Suit Pants With Only A Dress Shirt In The Winter Months And Look Stylish

When it comes to wearing business clothes in the winter there is typically only one type of look that men wear. We call it the two piece suit, which features a tie and dress shoes, usually black. This is really getting played out and the younger generation of workers do not want to follow suit…pun intended. This shift in workplace attire has forced employers to adapt to a more lenient office dress code, with Oxford shirts and even chinos now widely considered acceptable for the workplace. 

In this article we have come up with the top 3 ways how men can wear just suit pants and a dress shirt in the winter months. These outfits will not feature any type of blazer or suit jacket. Ok, let’s take a look.

White Dress Shirt H&M

Navy Blue Suit Pants

Consider this for a moment, there are actually more complimenting shirt colours that go with navy blue suit pants than black suit pants. Yes, this is absolutely true and we will recommend some popular colours to try. You should wear dress shirt colours such as black, white, grey, and beige. Your footwear with navy blue dress pants should be brown, preferably derby shoes. Also, keep your belt brown for a stylish outfit.

Navy Blue Suit Pants H&M

Grey Suit Pants

While wearing a grey two piece suit is considered common place amongst office wear, we will be discussing about wearing only the pants with a dress shirt. So what are the most suitable colour dress shirt to wear? Ok, first of all, white and black should be your preferred dress shirt colours, with navy blue, and dark green being your secondary choice. Your footwear should be black leather derby shoes or Chelsea boots.

Slim Fit Grey Suit Pants H&M

Black Suit Pants

Ok, so we had to mention black suit pants for two reasons. First of all, these are a classic part of office attire, popular throughout the world. Secondly, you really can’t go wrong with wearing black suit pants to the office, it just speaks for itself. You want to pair your black suit pants with a light colour shirt, with white being your go to. Other compatible colours include light blue, beige, and navy blue. Your footwear should be black derby shoes.

Black Suit Pants H&M


  • Wear black derby shoes with dark coloured suit pants
  • Brown leather derby shoes should be worn with light coloured pants
  • Wear only a leather belt with these outfits
Black Leather Derby Shoes H&M

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