The Top 3 Ways How To Wear A Black Ball Gown In The Fall Season

Who doesn’t love to dress up and wear a ball gown out to an event…well nobody that’s who. A ball gown is the one garment that rarely get seen outside of the closet except for a special event that requires one to be worn. But not all ball gowns are made the same, with some being extravagantly showcased with crystals and patterns and other styles such as one solid colour.

We will be talking specifically about the top 3 ways how to wear a black ball gown in the fall. Let’s take a look.

Crepe Gown

This type of gown is not as extravagant as a typical ball gown but it is still stylish nonetheless. A light coloured pumps should be worn as footwear and accessories can be large. A small clutch handbag is perfect for this type of outfit.

Gucci Crepe Gown Net-A-Porter

Silk Gown

A material such as silk is perfect for this type of gown. Because there is only one support over your shoulder, careful attention need to be payed to your accessories. Wear a large gold or silver necklace for an added elegant look. Pumps should be worn as footwear and a small clutch handbag or wristlet can be used to hold items.

Silk Gown Net-A-Porter

Velvet Gown

For those of you who want the best of style and comfort, the velvet gown is for you. With it’s soft feel and elegant design, wearing this type of gown is perfect to be a showstopper. Pair with medium size accessories and light colour heels. A small clutch handbag is perfect for this outfit.

Velvet Balmain Gown Net-A-Porter

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