The Top 3 Ways How Women Can Wear Satin In An Outfit

We all know about how satin is great to sleep in and has a wonderful feel to it but when else can we wear this material. First of all who said that wearing satin should only be done when it is time to sleep. There are a variety of garments that are well suited to the satin material such as blouses and skirts.

In this article we will talk about the top three ways how women can wear satin outside of the bedroom and create a great outfit. Let’s take a look.

Satin Blouse

There is no such thing as just a ‘blouse’ anymore. A blouse can come in many different colours and styles but what holds true is that wearing a satin blouse as part of an outfit will create a sense of pride and comfort.

Cropped Satin Blouse Net-A-Porter

Wear a satin blouse combined with a dark coloured dress pants and pumps for a neatly designed formal look. Accessories should be medium size.

Satin Dress

When deciding to wear a satin dress it is important to decide if you will be wearing anything over it. This is because layering a satin dress should be done carefully with colours that do not clash but will compliment each other.

Satin Dress Net-A-Porter

An example of a good colour combination would be a dark purple satin dress combined with a black blazer on top. This outfit can be completed by wearing black pumps.

Satin Camisole

A great evening out outfit can be achieved by wearing a satin camisole. This garment will pair well with either a mid length skirt or with black denim jeans. For a professional look opt to wear a dark colour blazer on top of the camisole and dress pants for the bottom. Keep your footwear sleek with ankle boots or pumps.

Satin Camisole Net-A-Porter


  • Wash satin by hand or on the delicate setting in the washing machine

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