The Top 5 Characteristics Of A Well Dressed Man

Some people dress to look good while others dress to feel good. However you dress there is no denying that anyone can easily spot out someone who is well dressed. A general zest for fashion and a creative mind can do wonders in the creation of a well put together outfit. But what exactly are those characteristics that many of the world’s well dressed men have in common?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 characteristics that any man can implement today to enhance their fashion sense.

1.    Well Fitting Clothes

It’s not good enough to just buy clothes that you think will fits you perfectly without asking yourself some questions. Such as, will this fit in the next 6 months? Or is this garment versatile enough to work with other types of clothing? Well dressed men know the answers to these questions before then purchase any clothing.

Knit Sweater H&M

2.    Tailored Suits

Remember when you were a kid and you had to wear formal clothes that looked at fit weird. Well, you are not a kid anymore and any ill fitting suit or dress clothes will be noticed right away. Opt for tailoring, especially regarding your suits.

Wool Blazer H&M

3.   Clean Shoes

It’s a no brainer to not have clean shoes but unsurprisingly, many men don’t seem to care. Th s do nothing except lower the quality of your outfit. Try to clean your shoes at least twice per month as to not diminish any of your outfits.

Leather Loafers Topman

4.   The Correct Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are the same and definitely not every style should be worn. Well dressed men know which sunglasses go well with what outfit. Read up on sunglasses types and recommended outfits to wear them with if you are looking to become a well dressed man.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

5.   Versatile Clothing

Fashion staples such as white t-shirts, denim jeans, and all black running shoes are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of outfits. Make sure to include these items in your wardrobe.

Levi’s Slim Jeans

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