The Top 5 Characteristics Of Quality Clothing

Clothing comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from very small to very large. There are no two similar characteristics of different garments. Meaning, for example two plain white t-shirts bought from different brands. Although the t-shirts look quite similar, if they were inspected more in-depth you would begin to find some differences. Such as low quality fabric, uneven stitching, and even clothing that is translucent.

In this article we will discuss the top 5 characteristics of quality clothing and how to avoid purchasing bad quality garments. Also, we will share some tips that will guarantee your clothing looks its best. Let’s take a look.

1.   Well Cut 

Cheaper quality clothing manufacturers tend to rush their production and frequently cut corners. The downgrade of quality clothing starts from the designers who tend to conspire with the manufacturer to use the least amount of material possible in the manufacturing process. This leads to clothing that fits very uncomfortably upon the customer. Leading to shoulders feeling constricted, a very short cut, or sleeves that are too loose of tight.

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2.   Smooth Seams

Get to know the different types of seams, as this is the knowledge that is needed to become great at selecting creating quality fashion pieces. A characteristic of a bad quality seam is one that is bumpy or uneven. One way how to check the quality of the seam is to turn the clothing inside out at analyze how the manufacturer finishes off the stitching at each. French seams are one of the highest quality types of seams.

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3.   Metal Zippers

Cheap quality clothing almost never includes metal zippers but instead offer hard to use plastic zippers. Not only can metal zippers outlast the cheap plastic ones but also metal zippers will save yourself time. Cheap plastic zippers usually tend to get caught in clothing which can be a hassle to get out.

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4.   Natural Fibers

Synthetic fibers should be avoided if you are about your skin and clothing quality. Not only can synthetic fibers cause skin irritation but also the look of the clothing is considerably cheap compared to a similar garment made with a natural fibre such as cotton, wool, or linen.

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5.   Spare Buttons & Thread

A quality clothing manufacturer will always include at least one spare button with garment which has buttons. Do not buy a garment that does to include any spare buttons as this is a sign that the manufacturer is more concerned about saving materials than producing quality fabric. A bonus that high quality manufacturers will do is include a small roll of thread incase you need to perform some repair stitching.

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Remember these characteristics when deciding to shop for quality clothing. Please leave a comment and subscribe for our newsletter and special promotions.


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