The Top 5 Chic And Stylish Fall Outerwear Guide For Every Woman To Follow

Many people love the fall season for its beautiful scenery of nature, and the partly sunny partly overcast weather that gives off a soft light and a cool temperature of the surrounding air. Not only that, but people also love it for it’s comfortable and stylish fashion. Some even claim that fall fashion is the best fashion and most people can agree! 

The fall season is tied to certain outfit styles and colours but specifically, jackets. From various styles to exciting shapes and myriad fabrics, jackets are always the perfect final touch to add to your outfit. Cold weather is approaching and jackets of all styles and colours are back to storefronts and magazines and online fashion pages.

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It is never too early to begin preparing the lost of coats that you will need to complement and accentuate your outfits this fall and winter. There has been amazing updates on classic styles in the jacket world. Coats now can really make your look complete without even picking a look underneath because they are so chic and comfortable that you can simply coordinate them with a pair of jeans or leggings underneath. 

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Here’s a list of coats and jackets that will always be trending for years:

1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have always been a staple in the fall when it come to outerwear. Leather jackets need to be picked based on your shape and size. Some brands brought back the belted-leather jackets such as Versace and Fendi. There are also oversized leather jackets with lapel collar that can make you look chic yet comfortable. 

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2. Trench Coat

The new version of the trench coat comes in many trendy styles and different details. A trench coat can come in the classic beige long style with striking buttons and wide cuts or, if you’re in love with modern trends, you can try on any other colour or style that suits you such as glossy trench coats. Our advice is to keep your trench coats at ¾ length.

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3. Wool Coat

The best thing about wool coats besides providing warmth and comfort is that you can style them with anything. You can style them up with heels or style them down with jeans and sneakers. We at coatFibers are sure that anyone can match any outfit they have with a wool coat. A classic grey coat is timeless and is on fashion runways every year.

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4. Windbreaker

Windbreakers are the stars of every fall. They are such convenient garments to throw on easily and make a great outfit no matter where you’re going. They don’t always have to be athletic-looking as there are many styles and colours they come in and there are even vintage ones that you can purchase. Some are waterproof which makes them great even on a rainy day.

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5. Cotton Parka

This lightweight soft jacket comes in very handy during the fall season especially when sporting a casual look. They usually come in very soft colours like beige, baby pink or olive. Its soft texture of cotton is perfect for the fall weather as it provides just the right thickness for use as outerwear in the fall and early winter.

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They always fit well no matter what size and height you are. With the right pair of pants and fall boots, this jacket will be your daily go-to.

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