The Top 5 Essential Fashion Pieces That Every Woman Needs To Own In Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons for women to really dress to impress. Not only is layering more effective in the fall but also, including additional outerwear to your final outfit is always a plus. There are many pieces that are correlated to the fall months such as denim jeans and ankle boots, but also there are essential pieces that women need also.

Thinking about fall fashion is kind of like constantly brainstorming ideas and ways on how you can put together the next best outfit. In one way or another, you will definitely include at least one of these essential fall pieces to your next fall outfit. Let’s take a look at what these essential pieces are.

Cashmere Sweater

Every woman need to own one of these comfortable sweaters for the fall months. There are many ways to effectively style this sweater which can be dressed to look casual to a more formal appearance. Denim jeans will work well with any casual cashmere sweater outfit as will grey leggings.

Ribber Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter

Suede Pumps

You really need to have a pair of suede pumps as part of your fall workplace attire. There is just something special about wearing suede pumps paired with a nice handbag and well fitting pants. Keep in mind that your suede pumps should be a dark colour such as burgundy or black, as these colours will go with many fall staples.

Suede Pumps Net-A-Porter

Long Skirt

Fall is a great time to take out your long skirts and pair them with your favourite boots. Dark grey, black, and navy blue are all great colour choices for you long skirt. You can pair your long skirt with an oversized sweater, cardigan, or button-down shirt. Keep your accessories medium size while wearing this dress.

Navy Blue Ribber Wool Skirt Net-A-Porter

Shawl Collar Jacket

One of the most versatile jackets that you can wear in the fall. This garment is not necessarily a “jacket” as it is more of a blazer which goes well with a variety of outfits. Typically this jacket is worn in an office environment with either a plain button down shirt or a thin sweater underneath. A solid colour skirt is usually work with this jacket.

Linen Shawl Collar Jacket Net-A-Porter

Ankle Boots

This really cannot be a fall essential pieces list without the mention of ankle boots. You definitely will need to own a pair if you intend to wear denim jeans or leggings in the fall months. As mentioned already, jeans and leggings go best with ankle boots. Black leather ankle bots are the most versatile for fall outfits.

Ankle Boots Net-A-Porter

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