The Top 5 Turtleneck And Blazer Combinations That Women Can Wear In The Winter With Leather Ankle Boots

Ok, so why is it that whenever cold weather fashion is talked about, they fail to include to stylish blazer and turtleneck combination? There is no reason to exclude these pieces, especially if we are talking about crating a stylish winter casual outfit. Often, wearing a blazer is associated with being layered over some sort of button-down shirt, such as a white button-down cotton shirt. But in reality, there are many more ways to wear a blazer.

In this article we will be discussing the top 5 ways how women can wear the stylish blazer and turtleneck combo paired with leather ankle bots. We will also discuss some tips to remember that will ensure your outfit turns out great. Ok, let’s take a look.

Green Turtleneck Sweater H&M

Black Blazer And Grey Pants

Now, wearing a black blazer is what many women know how to do well, whether it be in a casual or business outfit. For this outfit, we want to create something that is stylish, yet can be easily worn to the workplace. We recommend to wear light grey pants and a black turtleneck. Your blazer will match your turtleneck which will create a sleek outfit that can be worn to the workplace and in the evening out.

Black Blazer H&M

Navy Blue Blazer And Denim Jeans

Wear a navy blue blazer as part of your casual denim outfit. Light wash jeans are recommended to wear with a navy blue blazer as well as a dark colour turtleneck. You can wear a dark green turtleneck to create a unique looking outfit.

Navy Blue Blazer H&M

Black Jeans

Try to refrain from wearing an all black outfit often, because this will lead your fashion sense to become diluted and will show when deciding to wear an outfit with more than two colours in it. The results will be uncoordinated colour selection and wearing a bad looking outfit.

Slim Black High Ankle Jeans H&M

That being said, you can expertly wear skinny black jeans with some particular blazer colours, such as grey, navy blue, beige, and even white. A light colour turtleneck will work best and really can give your outfit a needed boost.


Yes, you can wear a skirt in the winter, but not just any type of skirt. Stick with dark colours such as black and navy blue with a mid length skirt being your preferred choice. Pair your skirt with a dark grey blazer and white turtleneck for a chic outfit. Keep your accessories medium size.

Jersey Pencil Skirt H&M


As we mentioned in the beginning, leather ankle boots will be the choice footwear. A simple rule to follow is that if you are unsure about what colour your ankle boots should be, stick to wearing a simple black leather pair. Also, for an outfit featuring jeans, you should opt to wear leather ankle boots that feature a wide heel or that is flat. While for a more dressy outfit, wear leather ankle boots that feature a skinny heel but one that is not too high.

Black Leather Ankle Boots H&M

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