The Top 5 Types Of Footwear To Wear With A Summer Dress

Summer is a wonderful time to bring out a colourful dress and show your style to the world. Of curse we can all be a bit too excited to show off our stuff but what about one of the most important part of your outfit? We are talking about your footwear. Not any type of footwear can be suitable to wear with a summer dress. 

Why would anyone wear a pastel maxi dress paired with black flats and think it’s ok? This is one of the reasons why we created this article. Because careful preparation and thought needs to be implemented to make sue that you choose the correct pair of footwear to compliment your summer dress. Let’s take a look at some examples.

1.   Nude Pumps

There are numerous ways how a summer dress can be paired with nude pumps to create the perfect outfit. Dress colours that are light and simple such as teal, sky blue, and light grey are all suitable to pair with nude pumps. Carry a neutral colour handbag when wearing this footwear.

Nude Suede Pumps Net-A-Porter

2. Wedge Sandals

A light brow wedge sandals works best for a summer dress.  Not necessarily a summer dress, but the little black dress was practically made for wedge sandals, especially for the summer months. Wear black or beige if you are unsure of which colour you wedge sandals should be.

Wedge Sandals Net-A-Porter

3.   Ankle Boots

This one is obvious. An all white dress outfit is never really complete without the addition of the black leather ankle boots. The contrast with black and white is the ideal look to achieve with an all white dress.

Leather Ankle Boots Net-A-Porter

4.   Flat Sandals

Maxi dress, maxi dress, maxi dress! They practically crated the maxi dress to be paired with Flt sandals. From the comfort of the maxi dress to the comfort of flat sandals, it is no wonder why this type of sandals is the most recognized women’s summer footwear. Also, strappy sandals are great to wear when you are wearing a pastel colour maxi dress.

Flat Sandals Browns Fashion

5.   Running Shoes

Yes, you really can wear running shoes with your summer dress. This stye has been a growing trend amongst celebrities for a couple of years now and has finally caught on to the general public. Long dresses work best that are a solid colour such as white, blue, and beige. Keep your running shoes simple to uniquely blend into your dress outfit.

Nike Suede Running Shoes

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