The Top 5 Ways How Men Can Coordinate Their Colours In A Stylish Spring Outfit

Spring is a time when the cold weather gear gets put away and switched out for pieces that feature colour and is meant for mild weather. Not all regions of the world are the same, within many parts, precautions need to be taken with rainy weather. Since we will no longer be wearing exclusively dark colours like in the winter months it is best to have some sort of guide to help with colour coordination. For example, it is definitely not recommended to wear a yellow rain coat and pair tis with grey chinos.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how men can coordinate their colours in a stylish spring outfit. Also we will share some useful tips to remember when deciding to wear various colours in an outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Matching Is Not Necessary

There is no point on matching your top with the bottom, meaning that it is really not that fashionable to be wearing an outfit that is one solid colour. You need to break down pieces to find the right combination of colours that make sense. For a spring outfit, a typical look can consist of wearing denim jeans paired with a black denim jacket. This would be a great compromise in case you wanted to wear an all denim outfit.

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Too Many Colours Is Not Good

The maximum amount of colours that you should wear in a spring outfit is three, with an exception of wearing four colours only if they are vastly different. For example, if you are wearing a light blue blazer you can wear a white dress shirt underneath paired with a dark purple tie. Your pants can be a colour that is a slight variation from your blazer or you can wear a dark colour pants. The point being that if you are going to wear this many colours, stick with less pieces.

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Dark Colours Can Still Be Worn

Not because the weather is slightly warm and the sun is shinning more doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid wearing dark colours. On the contrary, wearing dark colours should be embraced all be it on a smaller scale, with pants still being mainly a dark colour. Wear only one piece that is a dark colour in your spring outfits.

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Put Away The Boots

There is almost no need to be wearing boots in the spring unless you really want to. Because the weather will be slightly warm, wearing boots will cause your feet to get hot and uncomfortable. An exception will be rain boots but even so, we don’t think that you will be out in the rain for hours at a time. Stick with running shoes for super casual outfits and derby shoes when you want to dress smart. Cream, white, grey, and light brown are all colours that should be worn in spring footwear.

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Ok, so we all know by now that we can put away our heavy parka and wool coat. But what will we wear now that the weather is mild? Well, you can opt to wear a light colour windbreaker or stick with no outerwear and wear a raincoat when precipitation starts. That is right, the issue of outerwear in the spring is complicated, mainly because of the fast changing weather patterns which can make outerwear selection difficult. 

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