The Top 5 Ways How Men Can Dress For An Outdoor Winter Party

Going to a party in general is always fun, albeit sometimes it can get out of hand, but generally attendees are happy. How about an outdoor winter party you say? Let’s be the first to say that it is a completely different experience than a traditional outdoor summer party. When it comes to the fashion perspective, it can become quite confusing on what you should wear.

That is why we have created this article, which we hope will give you some inspiration and insight into what pieces you should wear to an outdoor winter party. Ok, let’s take a look.

Business Casual

Nobody said that an outdoor winter party is always going to be filled with dancing and loud music, which should have been known already. Take for instance, attending an outdoor winter ice craving event. Their is most likely will be some soothing music with the addition of beverages and appetizers. This type of outdoor winter party is well suited for a business casual outfit.

Grey Blazer H&M

Wear a pair of dark denim jeans with the addition of a black turtleneck sweater. You should wear a light grey blazer over the turtleneck, while an unbuttoned black wool coat should be worn as outerwear. Keep your footwear sharp with the addition of black leather Chelsea boots.


There is not much difference in a formal outfit, meaning that wearing either a black or navy blue suit is highly recommended. While you can switch out your tie for a bow tie, it is recommended to stick with wearing a black tie, with your tucked in white dress shirt. A formal outdoor winter party will be incredibly stylish with an aura of mystique, be on your best behaviour when attending these events.

Navy Blue Skinny Sit Blazer H&M


Usually cocktail parties are held in the hot summer months, with a huge variety of different drinks available. While this concept is still the same in an outdoor winter setting, you need to dress according to the weather. A t-shirt and shorts outfit will not be a selection you will be wearing. Think about wearing light colours, keeping with the laid back atmosphere of an outdoor winter cocktail party.

Brown Patterned Blazer H&M

Wear beige chinos with a tucked in black dress shirt. Depending on how cold the weather is, you can get away with wearing a warm knit cardigan over your shirt. Keep your footwear stylish with the addition of brown leather boots.


An outdoor winter party does not always need to be something big, usually we can categorize these type of casual outdoor winter parties as small get togethers. Think about that time you went to a friends house and hang out with a group of people, listening to music and enjoying some drinks in the snow covered backyard. This is the type of outdoor winter party we are talking about.

Black Padded Parka H&M

This is the best time to get a bit more creative with your outfit, ditching seasonal norms. Wear slim denim jeans with an all black running shoes being your footwear. Keep your top interesting, so choose something that is a light colour that you do not see a lot of people wearing. Outerwear should be casual, so a black parka is recommended.

Outdoor Winter Concert

While you most likely know to ins and outs of what to wear at an outdoor summer concert, deciding what your outfit should be in the coolest months of the year is a different story. Opt to wear comfortable, yet stylish clothing. For an outdoor winter concert that will be playing music that you will be dancing all night, stick with denim jeans, a plain sweater, and a parka.

Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M

While for a more laid back type of concert you should wear a long wool coat with chinos and a button-down shirt. Your footwear for both should be black leather boots.

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