The Top 5 Ways How Men Over 50 Can Dress For The Winter Season In Style

Fashion can be particularly precise, with insider instructions from so called “experts” on what you should specifically wear and at what point of the year. Well, to the uninformed person this might sound like great news, but it really isn’t. There needs to be individual creativity in your outfit selection and the “expert’s” opinion need to only be used as a guide. Men over 50, tend to just listen and follow how others say they should wear their fashion.

In tis article we will be discussing the best ways how men over 50 can dress for the winter season. Also we will share some tips to remember when wearing some of these pieces. Let’s take a look.


If you want to look incredibly stylish effortlessly, wear a turtleneck underneath a blazer. You want your turtleneck to be either black or dark grey, as these colours will work well in the winter. Your blazer should be stylish yet simple, so a solid black or navy blue one will work great.

Turtleneck H&M

Keep your pants slim, with black jeans being your best choice to wear with tis outfit. You footwear should be black leather boots.

Wool Coat

Wear a long dark grey wool coat on an evening out, which you will pair with beige chinos. When wearing this coat, it is important to accessories, so a black scarf and black leather gloves should be worn. Keep your footwear dark brown with leather boots.

Wool Blend Coat H&M


Wear a cardigan as part of a stylish casual winter outfit, with an emphasis being on fabric material. A wool cardigan is the best to wear, especially layered over a plain button-down shirt, keep your shirt untucked and your footwear should be black boots. Denim jeans are best to wear with this outfit.

Wool Cardigan H&M

Leather Jacket

This outfit is going to be one of your go to for the winter season, because it just looks cool. Wear a black leather jacket which will be layered over a cotton hoodie sweater. You want your pants to be comfortable, so wear your favourite joggers and black running shoes should be worn as footwear. To complete the outfit, wear a black beanie.

Leather Jacket H&M


A classic winter outfit that can be created effortlessly will feature a parka and denim jeans. You want to wear a black hooded park, which will keep you warm on those really cold winter days, which you will pair with denim jeans. Footwear should be black leather boots.

Parka H&M


  • Do not sped a lot of time on trying to match pieces
  • Wear dark colour shoes only
  • Keep your pants slim
Slim Wol-Blend Pants H&M

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