The Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear A Pair Of All Black Running Shoes With A Blazer In The Fall

When we think about wearing a blazer in the fall season, the first thing that usually comes to mind when it comes to supporting footwear would be some sort of ankle boots. But in this article we want to be a bit controversial and talk about how wearing a pair of all black running shoes paired with a blazer will be a great example of mixing casual with semi formal.

Also, in this article we will share some examples and tips that women an implement in their fall fashion to create the most creative and stylish outfits. Ok, let’s take a look.

Nike Air Force 1

With Leggings

Now, there will always be a time when wearing leggings paired with a blazer is the way to go and we will show you how. Ok, since we are creating an outfit for the fall, there is no point in wearing really bright colours but also you should avoid really dark colours. That is why we recommend to wear your leggings in either light grey or beige. When it come to your blazer, stick with a simple design, preferably pattered.

Cotton Leggings H&M

With Denim Jeans

The best type of jeans that women can wear with a blazer and black running shoes would have to be mom jeans. These jeans can be styled up or down and when paired with a dark colour blazer, there is no telling how stylish your outfit will look. Keep your blazer a bit on the loose side and wear it in colours such as navy blue, black, and dark grey.

Mom Jeans H&M

With A Short Denim Skirt

Wear a fitted blazer paired with black running shoes and a short denim skirt for a sexy fall outfit. In order to pull off this extremely sexy outfit, opt to keep the colour of your denim skirt either black or regular wash denim. If you intend to wear a short black denim skirt, we recommend to wear a light colour shirt underneath a beige or light grey fitted blazer.

Denim Skirt H&M

With Suit Pants

Pairing suit pants with a blazer is what at most of us think of when we think about an outfit featuring a blazer. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that but those type of outfits can become a really boring fast. So what should we do then? We recommend to not math your blazer with your suit pats and instead opt to wear a dark colour blazer and keep your pants more on the lighter side with colours such as beige or light grey.

With Joggers

There is nothing wrong with wearing joggers paired with a blazer and black running shoes as part of a super casual fall outfit. In order to pull this one off though, some consideration need to be made to the type of joggers that you will be wearing. The best type to wear with a blazer will be the high waist version preferably in black. Your blazer can be black as well or you can be a bit more creative and opt for a dark patterned blazer.

High Waist Joggers H&M

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