The Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear Grey Leggings In The Winter Season And Look Great

We all know about how common is to see women wearing black leggings in their winter outfits, but for some reason grey leggings have been all but forgotten. This is a shame and many women should really take a look at wearing grey leggings in the winter and also throughout the year. Some of the best outfits that can be created with grey leggings will certainly stand out and make you look more fashionable.

In this article we want to discuss the best ways how women can wear grey leggings in the winter season. Also, we will share some tips that can be implemented when creating an outfit featuring grey leggings. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Button Down Shirt

Now, most women might not know it but pairing any leggings with a button down shirt can be a sure fire way to achieve a chic and stylish outfit. The best part about wearing a button down shirt with grey leggings is that you can play around with the shirt colour and not really compromise the outfit. An example of this would be that instead of wearing just a plain white button down shirt, you can easily wear a black button down shirt featuring a white collar. This will create a more intricate outfit and will go well with black boots.

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Dark Brown Blazer

Wear a dark brown blazer paired with your grey leggings for a really sophisticated look. This outfit will be great to wear as part of an evening out or also just on those days that you want to have more style. When wearing any type of blazer in the winter it is best to keep it a dark colour and also try not to leave it unbuttoned much, as this will keep your outfit looking more seasonal.

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Wear a neutral colour turtleneck such as black or white underneath your dark brown blazer to complete the outfit.

Black Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was created for fighter pilots in the military, but for everyday wear, wearing a bomber jacket can give your outfit the edge that you always wanted. Wear a black bomber jacket with your grey leggings and accessorize with jewellery that is medium size. While on the subject of accessories, the best type of handbag to carry with this outfit should be small and preferably a dark colour.

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Oversized Knit Sweater

One of the best ways how you can create a laid back winter weekend outfit when wearing grey leggings is to pair them with an oversized sweater. This sweater should be a seasonal colour, so stick with beige, black, navy blue, or dark green. Wearing a knit sweater is a great compromise for when you feel like wearing a large hoodie but you know that it will not be appropriate for your outfit

Oversized Knit Sweater H&M

Black Ankle Boots

Wearing black ankle boots with your grey leggings in the winter will give your outfit a stylish boost. It really doesn’t matter what you wear with your grey leggings because when you have on black ankle boots, you can be assured that your outfit will look great and stand out from your peers.

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