The Ultimate Winter Jacket Guide For The Parka: What Men And Women Can Learn

Some say there’s no need to actually wear a suitable jacket in winter. Others say that you can virtually get away with wearing a raincoat and a hoodie underneath. Hahaha. The analogy being that the raincoat will definitely protect against the snow fall since it is waterproof and that the hoodie underneath will for sure keep you warm. 

Let’s be real. There is only one tried and tested jacket that is actually suitable for the frigid temperature and elements of winter. That is the parka. This all around weather gear is extremely functional while keeping the the warmth from your body heat trapped close to your body. The fact that every true parka comes with a hood attached with the classic fur is a plus.

Parka H&M

Let’s break down this fantastic jacket for those who are still layering their lives away with sweaters…I see you!

The Pockets

Most parkas have the standard hand pockets, which are lined with material that keeps them warm. Big enough for your hand and a wallet or cell phone kept inside as well. With the better parkas, there will be additional pockets on the outside and also inside pockets for more storage. All of these pockets will keep whatever you have inside of them warm in minus 20 degrees celsius.

Padded Parka H&M

The Hood

A parka is not really a parka unless it comes with a hood attached. This hood comes with a fun lining on the edge of the outside to capture any cross blowing snow on those windy days. Also did we mention that you do not need to crush your hair style with hair altering winter hats. Before you step outside, just plug the hood over your head and you are good to go.

Padded Parka With Hood H&M

The Design

For cold weather, the design is nothing but brilliant. The length is not too short or too long. Bringing comfortability to the wearer in the increasingly frigid winter season. Usually lined with either duck feathers (don’t ask why) or another warm material, you really can’t go wrong with wearing the parka for winter.

Padded Parka H&M

Just remember to zip up the jacket. Gloves are optional, but just zip it up if you are outside in frigid temperatures. The only thing the parka can’t prevent is the foolishness of the wearer to not zip it up in finger numbing temperatures. Also, not wearing the attached hood equals having one of the messier hairstyles in the office that day.

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