The Unparalleled Drive And Creativity Of The South African Fashion Scene

If there is one word that describe the South African fashion scene it would be CREATIVITY. This is not only in terms of streetwear but the numerous young designers carving out a slice of the market for themselves. No one wants to be seen wearing an outfit that someone else has, which has only lead to the positive competitiveness and creative designs that are common in South Africa.

While the majority of the world focuses on name brand garments and shoes, the opposite can be said for the local Cape Town and Johannesburg fashion scene. Buying second hand pieces and creating unique pieces is almost like a sport, with many young people flocking to the various street markets to find a clothes item to alter.

Let’s take a look at the the reasons why the world is taking the Cape Town and Johannesburg fashion scene in particular seriously now.


There are many players in that make up the the fashion scene in this country, from independent youth using their creativity and drive to more established veterans like Black Coffee and Anisa Mpungwe. Creativity is the main characteristic that all of these designers have which is prominently displayed in their unique pieces.


South African fashion is not brand dependent and is not traditional in the sense, streetwear is huge which drawn from all walks of life for a mutual respect and passion for unique outfits. The streetwear culture is directly connected to the underground hip hop music scene whose main audience is the youth.


Undeniably the main epicentres of South African fashion is the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg. At every turn there is someone wearing an ultra unique outfit like no other weather it be custom made patches on pants or custom footwear. The appreciation and knowledge of fashion from the youth is astounding. 


Ever since South Africans got their freedom from apartheid in 1994, creativity has never stopped flowing. People before that could not express themselves and often faced consequences if they did so. This is one of many of the factors that had kickstarted and shaped streetwear in South Africa, which started in the townships.


A visit to either Cape Town or Johannesburg (Joberg) will be filled with an electric atmosphere with stylish youth walking the streets. This coupled with a do it yourself attitude is what is driving their fashion scene and making the world take notice. 


Many youth frequent the street market to find a garment that can be altered to their taste. This is then part of similar garments that they have altered which is used for their outfit. This creativity is the backbone of the fashion culture in South Africa, which does not rely on wearing a name brand to get recognized. Many of these youth are essentially fashion designers in their own right and deserve the recognition for their ingenuity and creative designs.

It is worth mentioning that South African fashion culture is essentially linked to streetwear, which has a major influence on the entire fashion scene in South Africa. The only way to truly appreciate this burgeoning fashion scene is to experience it for yourself.

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