The Urban Male Skateboard Fashion Guide For The Spring

What’s that, you want to start ridding your skateboard to work instead on taking the subway like regular folks? Ok! This has actually been quite common over the last five years, largely attributed to to streetwear influences of Supreme and Vans. These two companies founded their brand around the skateboarding culture.

Skateboard fashion is not only regulate to the hardcore skaters who hang out around skate parks all day. Not at all! This culture has its roots in Southern California, with its laid back style and creativity, which is the main reason why traditional skateboard clothes are mainly loose fitting and baggy. But not for the trendy Urban Man, who values wearing designer skinny jeans and flannel shirts. You need to take your modern fashion sense and create something that can be versatile enough to wear to work on a casual Friday.

Let’s take a look at some styles that you can pull off for the perfect balance or work and play attire.

The Commuter

Spring and summer are the best time to take out your skateboard and commute to work. We know, bicycles are much faster but you do not get to appreciate your surroundings while trying desperately to avoid aggressive drivers and illegally parked cars. A skateboard is much safes as you can ride on the sidewalk.

A great sprig outfit to try would be denim jeans paired with all black skater shoes, such as Vans. Also a slightly oversized over-shirt paired with a black undershirt is ideal. The versatility to this style is that you can simply button up the shirt once you get into work to complete your casual work attire.

After Work Play

Instead of wearing your commute skate gear into work, you could simply bring a change of clothes for after. Canvass pants are ideal paired with Vans or Pony footwear will keep you stable when you are ripping down hills. Wear your favourite graphic t-shirt paired with a Stussy cap for an overall after work Urban Man skater look.


The classic skater look has been out of favour by many due to baggy clothes not being as popular anymore. Brands such as Supreme have carved out a loyal following and have taken off as a must have for any hypebeast or up and coming skater. You do not necessarily need to wear any luxury skate wear brand, as a creativity for your own personal style is much more respected by the skater community.

Vans Gum Old Skool

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