Why Men Should Embrace The Versatility Of Chinos In The Spring

No these are not kaki pants they are called chinos. The material is somewhat similar but not identical. The mistake most people make is by calling a kaki coloured chino pants kakis. The original intention of chinos was to be comfortable and durable for army soldiers. This cloth, which is made of 100% cotton, was originally made in China.

Today the chinos are on of men’s favourite garments. The shoe versatility and comfortability make this item far more appealing than any other type of pants. You can dress up or dress down with chinos depending on your occasion. Let’s take a look at some ways how you can achieve different looks while wearing chinos.

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The Office Look

OK so we all know about the classic formal office look of a two piece suit and tie. But now a days many offices have relaxed their dress policy, which has been great for anyone who own a pair of chinos. Instead of wearing dress pants, you can wear a dark coloured chino pants paired with a cotton dress shirt. Dress shoes should be worn if your office environment is more formal than casual.

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Casual Look

Going out on the weekend to hang out with some friends? Why not opt to wear a pair of chinos. Not only will you greatly enhance your casual look, you will be complimented on your sense of style as well. The chino pants immediately gives off a type of look that many people strive for. The look of cool, smart, and stylish all in on piece of garment. You can wear a flannel shirt paired with a solid coloured running shoes to complete the look.

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Formal Look

This is when the chino fit comes into play in a major way. You need to be careful to wear chinos that will fit you just as dress pants would. This means that careful attention should be paid to the width of the legs and hips. Too tight and your formal look will look more like you wore pants that fit you yers ago.

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Too loose, and the formal look is thrown out the door with pants that look like a parachute. Wear a nice fitting blazer and a tucked in cotton shirt to complete the formal look. Dress shoes are best with this look. Although you can get away with a great pair of loafers.

Skinny Fit Chinos H&M

The best colours for chinos are black, navy blue, and the kaki colour. Chinos are here to stay so why not embrace this garment into your wardrobe for a stylish look.


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