Three Basic Casual Winter Outfits That Men Can Wear That Is Both Practical And Stylish

Many men tend to believe that there are only two types of outfits that one can wear in the winter months, extremely casual or too dressed up. Ok, we get it, there is almost no distinction when it comes to dressing non-casual and too dressed up. But this shouldn’t be the case as we will see in this article. 

We will discuss casual wear that men can put on in the winter months that is both practical and stylish. And remember, we are talking about stylish casual wear and not just any random pieces thrown on under your winter jacket. Let’s take a look.

Parka With A Hood

The most practical jacket to wear in the cold winter months will have to be the parka. Yes, you can wear almost anything underneath, but that is not what fashion forward people do. Instead, opt to wear a stylish cotton sweater paired with denim or black jeans. Footwear should be black leather boots and accessories should be a dark colour.

Double Layered Parka Topman

Pea Coat

This stylish yet practical warm coat is comfortable and great for keeping you warm in cool temperatures. Wear this coat as part of a stylish casual winter outfit. You can wear denim jeans or chinos paired with leather or desert boots. Because of the classic nature of this coat, it is recommended to wear either a turtleneck or cardigan underneath. Keep your head arm with a black beanie.

Pea Coat Topman

Denim Jeans

Of course this article would not have been complete without the mention of denim jeans. This all around favourite pants can definitely be styled into a basic casual winter outfit. Keep your denim jeans correlating to your overall outfit. Meaning, for example you should wear slim denim jeans with leather chelsea boots

Tapered Denim Jeans

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