Three Piece Outfit Combinations That Women And Men Can Wear In Fall On The Weekend

Fall is the season to take out clothing that you have been keeping in your closet for months, just waiting for an opportunity to wear them. You know, that pair of denim jeans that you got on sale months ago but haven’t worn yet, yes that one. Sometimes 3 pieces of clothing is all you need to create a great looking outfit, which is especially convenient for the weekend.

In this article we will talk about some outfits that can be achieved by combining only 3 garments, that can be specifically worn in the fall months. Let’s take a look.


Outfit 1

Denim jeans are always in style no matter what season we are in, so why not embrace this garment in the fall as well. A dark wash denim jeans can be combined with a tucked in t-shirt. Layer a wool cardigan on top for added texture and some much needed warmth. Footwear can either be a solid colour running shoes or leather ankle boots.

Levi’s Jeans

Outfit 2

A simple yet stylish look for the office should compromise the basics such as a white button down shirt, navy blue pants, and dark colour blazer. Black pumps are great to wear with this outfit which will compliment your blazer. Accessories should be medium size.

Black Blazer Net-A-Porter


Outfit 1

Chinos are a man’s best friend when it come to pants. You can choose whether to have a smart casual outfit or something more toned down yet still stylish. For the fall season why not wear a grey cashmere sweater paired with a dark brown chinos. A light bomber jacket can be layered over the cashmere sweater. Footwear can be either loafers or white running shoes.

Cashmere Sweater H&M

Outfit 2

For the office a more sophisticated outfit is needed. Let’s avoid wearing a blazer in this outfit and choose something creative. A knit sweater layered over a button down shirt should do. Wear a dark colour dress pants to complete your outfit. Dress shoes are recommended to be worn.

Slim Wool Pants H&M

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