3 Ways Women Can Wear A High Waist/High Ankle Jeans In The Summer Season

One of the hottest trends in jeans wear for the summer season is to wear a high waist fit. This style been popular for a couple of years mainly because the outfits that can be made by incorporating this garment are fantastic. Some of the buggest celebrities only wear high waist jeans simply because it can be paired with a variety of different tops. Also, wearing high waist jeans will give you curves you never thought you had. What we will be talking about is the high ankle version of these jeans.

Ankle jewelry is trending for the summer so it would only be right to talk about high ankle jeans. You can wear either heels or running shoes, which is one of the many positive versatile aspects of these jeans. Let’s take a look at the top three ways how to style high waist/ high ankle jeans.

Black Jeans

Wear a pair of black high, waist high ankle jeans for a sleek summer evening outfit. Some tops that you can wear with these jeans can be either a light or dark colour. For the evening, opt to wear a tucked in black blouse paired with black pumps. This all black outfit will go great with medium size accessories.


Denim Blue Jeans

Denim blue is arguably the most versatile colour jeans which can be worn effortlessly with a variety of different tops. For a stylish summer outfit, opt to wear a tucked in white t-shirt with your high waist high ankle denim jeans. One of the best part about wearing these jeans is that you can wear either running shoes or leather sandals as your preferred footwear and still look good.


White Jeans

There are only a few times in the year when you can wear white jeans and look great. The summer season is the best time of the year to wear white jeans, simply because it will keep you cool on a sunny day and also because there are so much different types of complimenting shirts that you can wear. A good outfit to wear on a summer weekend will include a pastel colour tucked in t-shirt, which will be paired with a pair of light brown leather sandals. Keep your accessories medium size as well as your handbag.



  • Avoid wearing high waist jeans on a rainy day
  • Denim high waist jeans are the most popular
  • Wear brown leather loafers with most high waist jean outfits

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