Timeless Fashion Pieces That Men Should Have In Their Fall Wardrobe

There are many pieces that can be considered timeless, but let’s be real, some of the pieces that you are thinking abut are not timeless at all. When we say timeless, we are talking about pieces that have withstood the test of time and have been popular amongst men for at least a couple of decades. What exactly are we talking about? Think more on the lines of denim jeans, Chelsea boots, and a basic t-shirt.

In this article we will share with you the best timeless pieces that men need to have in their wardrobes in the fall and the best ways how to style them. Also, we will talk about some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating a fall outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

Fine Knit Turtleneck Sweater H&M

Denim Jeans

Yes, of course we had to mention denim jeans on this list, and rightfully so. As men around the world know, wearing denim jeans can generally be put in a positive light and the various fits will suit any body type. Also, denim jeans can be dressed up or down according to your preferred outfit look. Keep in mind that for at least a decade, slim fit denim jeans have been the most popular type of fit, so any type of loose fit will look outdated.

Slim Denim Jeans H&M

Black Running Shoes

Wearing a pair of all black running shoes can be said to have gained popularity sometime in the early 1990s and its popularity has never looked back. The best type of fall outfits that men should wear with a pair of all black running shoes should feature either denim jeans or chinos and should be fairly casual.

Black Running Shoes H&M

Trench Coat

While many men seem to disregard the trench coat as strictly a women’s piece, there are actually many creative ways how men can pull off wearing this long classic fall outerwear. First of all, make sure that your trench coat is in the classic beige colour and also try to avoid wearing the belt around tour waist. Men should generally wear their trench coat unbuttoned and feature a dark colour shirt underneath for a bit of contrast.

Trench Coat H&M

Leather Biker Jacket

Ok, if you have seen the movie Grease then you know when the craze over wearing a black leather biker jacket started. You see, when John Travolta put on that jacket he was seen as extremely cool and also the denim jeans fit perfectly. This movie came out in 1978 and still to this day, you will see men wearing their black leather biker jacket as part of a casual fall winter outfit.

Leather Biker Jacket H&M

Grey Blazer

There has always been some sort of popularity contest between the different type of blazer fits and colours, but only one can stand out for lasting the test of time. Of course it is going to be a slim fit black blazer, but we all know that, so we figured to mention another type of blazer. We are talking about the slightly light grey slim fit blazer that many men tend to wear layered on top of a turtleneck. Wear your grey slim fit blazer unbuttoned to showcase any well fitting dark colour shirt.

Slim Fit Blazer H&M

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