To 5 High Winter Boot Outfits That Women Can Wear That Are Casual And Stylish

When it comes to wearing winter boots in the cold weather months, women tend to embrace this footwear more often than men. But why is that? Well, the main reason seems to be that women have a greater variety of different boot styles to choose from, which as we all know, can lead to the formation of a very stylish outfit. Which is why we will be talking about one of winter’s most sought after boots, the high boot.

We will classify this type of boot as one that goes up anywhere from regular ankle boots to mid leg up to the knees. Ok, let’s take a look at the top 5 high boot winter outfits that women can wear in the cold weather.

Knee High Boots H&M

Beige Pants

Wear your beige regular fit pants tucked into mid leg length combat boots. While this look is more of a weekend casual one, you can still look stylish with the addition of a long black or grey wool coat. Accessories should be medium size earrings and a small black handbag.

Beige Slacks H&M

All Black

Who doesn’t like to wear all black, especially on a very cold day? Nobody! Women love to wear all black for a variety of reasons, but tend to take this look as some sort of thing that should be done more times than necessary. A simple black jeans paired with long black leather boots and a black tucked in turtleneck is about all you need for a stylish all black winter outfit. Just don’t make this a constant habit, because adding some colour to your outfits is very important.

Black Skinny Jeans H&M


Cropped black wool pants will go well with a mid leg length pair of boots. To complete your office outfit, wear a tucked in white blouse which will be layered underneath a grey blazer. Your accessories such as earrings and necklace should  be medium size.

Grey Blazer H&M

Denim Jeans

This is where you can get really creative in your boot selection. Opt to wear a patterned boot such as leopard print for a unique and creative look. Your denim jeans should be skinny, so that you can tuck it easily into your leopard print boots.

Skinny Denim Jeans H&M

Also, wear a cashmere sweater with a faux fur jacket on top. Accessories should be limited to only a small necklace and a medium size handbag.

White Jeans

Forget about wearing white jeans with a black top. Instead, we will pair our skinny white jeans with a grey sweater, which will be layered underneath a beige wool coat. For some contrast, our black leather boots will be knee high. Accessories should be medium size.

White Jeans H&M

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