Top 3 Blazer And Turtleneck Sweater Outfits That Women Can Wear At The Office In The Winter

The popularity of the turtleneck sweater has been considerably rising fast due to the thousands of posted outfits on Instagram featuring the turtleneck sweater predominately. This is good news for fashionistas and retailers who sell blazers as well. Why do w say that? Because the combination of a turtleneck layered underneath a blazer is on of the most stylish ways to wear this garment.

In this article we will specifically talk about how you can compose an office outfit for the winter that features a blazer and a turtleneck sweater. Also, we will discuss some tips to remember. Let’s take a look.

Black Blazer Net-A-Porter

Black Skirt

There is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt to the office in the cold winter months. Of course, steps need to be taken to keep your legs warm, such as wearing stockings and keeping your skirt length not too short. A black blazer will go great with the outfit as well as a light colour turtleneck layered underneath. Footwear should be black pumps. Accessories can be medium size, as this is keeping with the monochromatic look.

Black Midi Skirt Net-A-Poretr

Navy Blue Pants

We all know that navy blue can go well with a lot of different colours. Why not wear a beige blazer with either a light grey or white turtleneck sweater underneath? This look can be refreshing especially as the days tend to get shorter as the sun is setting when the work day is usually finished. Black ankle boots should be worn to complete this outfit.

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Matching Top And Bottom

Whether it be a black blazer and black pants, there is no other way to show your co-workers at the office that you mean business by wearing a turtleneck suit. This outfit will feature the same coloured blazer and pants, with only the turtleneck sweater being a different colour. One tip to remember is that your turtleneck should be the complete opposite colour from the rest of your outfit. 

Beige Turtleneck Sweater Net-A-Porter

This is necessary to create your sweater as the statement piece, as accessories should be small to streamline your outfit. Keep your footwear stylish with corresponding pumps.

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