Top 3 Chic HeadBand Styles To Wear With Your Next Casual Outfit

In history there has always been some sort of headdress worn by women, from crowns to headbands. This is the same today as the headband styles from decades ago are making a comeback as well as new styles that women cannot get enough of. 

Usually these headbands are worn at fancy events or for special occasions, but in this article we will be discussing how to wear 3 chic headband styles with your next casual style. Let’s take a look.

Velvet Headband

There is a comforting feeling when you decide to wear a velvet headband, especially while wearing casual clothes. On one hand, this type of headband presents itself a challenge, as it is difficult to create an outfit with this. That is why it is recommended to wear skinny denim jeans paired with a button down shirt with a cardigan layered on top. 

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For the warmer months, a simple t-shirt with white running shoes is all that is needed to complete your outfit. Accessories should be medium sized.

Cashmere Headband

Wear this type of headband in the cooer months of the year for efficient protection for the elements. This type of headband will go great when paired with sweaters such as wool and cashmere. Black jeans will go great while wearing ankle boots as footwear. Keep your handbag chic by carrying a smaller size or a wristlet.

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Silk Headband

Wear a silk headband as part of a maxi dress or mini skirt outfit. You can style your maxi skirt with the addition of mules or sandals as footwear. Also, if you decide to wear a mini skirt, black or denim will go great with while running shoes or sandals. Keep your top chic by wearing a light colour blouse. Your accessories should be small to medium size.

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