Top 3 Mistakes That Women Tend To Make With Their Fall Outfit’s

Inadvertently, some people will make mistakes regarding their fashion. Sometimes the mistake can be as simple as not using a lint roller to pick up those unsightly lint pieces off of your favourite black sweater or major like wearing white cotton socks with flat shoes. Whatever the mistake may be, there can always be a remedy available if the situation is urgent or just simply cramping your style.

Read this article more than once to avoid these common fashion mistakes that many women make in the fall season. Let’s take a look.

Not Using Accessories

We get it, sometimes carrying  or wearing accessories can be a hassle, but this is necessary for a variety of reasons. First of all, accessories immediately bring a touch of individuality that wearing a simple outfit just won’t show.

Ring Anthropologie

You can easily turn a plain outfit into something chic by adding a gold necklace and medium size earrings. You need accessories to be taken serious in this fashion world, except if you are simply running out to the shop for a quick bite.

Wearing Extremely High Heels 

Te only time someone should wear extremely high heels should be at a formal event, and this is very debatable. Why would someone decide to spend time coming up with the perfect outfit only to ruin it by wearing extremely high heels?

Heels Antrophologie

Keep your footwear chic if that what you intend to do, which by the way does not mean to have flashy footwear it basically means to have unique yet stylish footwear. 

Too Much Layering

There is no point of wearing 4 shirts on top of each other just for the sake of layering, yet so many people still do it. There is a somewhat unwritten rule that says to not layer more than three pieces. A popular outfit would be to layer a blazer over a cardigan which is then layered on top of a button down shirt…

Knit Blazer Anthropologie

This is ok. Nut it would make more sense to ditch the cardigan and just have the blazer with the button down shirt. Plus it will be more comfortable.

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